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Welcome to the world of GAS Photography

GAS Photography. Confused by the name? Don't be. To explain, we don't specialise in photographing gas appliances or installations. No, GAS is a person. Me. Thus the name.

That was not the name chosen for me at birth but I am known to many by that moniker simply because that's the initials of my given name ...... Graeme Alistair Smith. Click here to find out a bit more about me or via the "About GAS" tab in the side navigation bar. 

This is a collection of some of my photography for your perusal. I hope that you will enjoy the imagery and feel free to comment. It has all been taken at various stages of me starting to take my photography seriously, over the last 5 years or so. I have tried to categorise the images to make it easier for you to browse them. 

I am based in Livingston in central Scotland. Livingston, one of the post-war "new towns" of Scotland, is not generally known as a cultural epicentre. However, it is not without charm if you look deep enough. Hopefully my images of it reflect this. But there also is a whole host of images from other locations and in other genres.

I've selected a few of the images to feature in the gallery to the left. Feel free to browse the rest of the galleries using the navigation tabs and comment at will.

I have made some of the photographs available to purchase as prints. Please click here or click on the "Order Prints" tab to see what is available. Any of the images on the site might also be available to be licensed. If any interest you then contact myself to discuss.

As you can see, I have been trusted on occasion to undertake photography on behalf of others. I would consider commissions from anywhere and for just about anything - even photographing gas installations if required! Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

In the meantime, happy browsing!

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